NYACCE: College and Career Readiness Workshops

Registration Link:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NYACCE_CCR_2020
Time:10:00am - 3:00pm
Lunch Included
Location:Albany Marriott
189 Wolf Road
Albany, NY 12205
Presenters:NYSED/CUNY Master Teachers
Event Description:

For More Information on the NYACCE Annual Conference, including a Full Conference Brochure, Registration Information, and Hotel Accommodations go to: www.NYACCE.org


REGISTRATION LINK: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NYACCE_CCR_2020

Registration: 9 am to 10 am

Math, Science, ESOL and Impact of TABE 11/12 Workshops (4 hours):
10 am to 12 pm (attendance taken)
Break for Buffet Lunch
1 pm to 3 pm (attendance taken)

Case Management and EPE Workshops (3 hours):
10 am to 12 pm (attendance taken)
Break for Buffet Lunch
1 pm to 2 pm (attendance taken)

PD Hours: Assigned in ASISTS to all NYSED funded programs

NYSED/CUNY Fast Track Math GRASP Packets (10am-3pm / 4 Hours PD)
NYSED/CUNY Teacher Leaders Chris Burns and Brett Mosier will delve into the newest Fast Track Math GRASP packets and unload the tools, lessons, and strategies that teachers will need for their students both in and out of the classroom. This workshop will provide you with a comprehensive overview of where to find the packets, how to provide them to students, and how to manage the work that your students are required to do. In addition, time will be spent on strategies for supporting your students through each packet.

Incorporating Science Fundamentals into ELA Coursework in the Adult Education Classroom (10am-3pm / 4 Hours PD)
NYSED/CUNY Master Teacher Jennifer Kent-Isaacs recently completed the November NYSED/CUNY Master Teacher ELA/Science Institute and is ready to share new material and learning experiences. This training will incorporate science topics within ELA coursework. Jennifer will also tie these new lessons with the TABE 11/12 content to provide turn-key lessons for teachers to bring back to their own classrooms and implement. Topics will focus on TABE & TASC Visuals, a variety of life science topics, and paraphrasing. There will also be a wide variety of activities and online resources to use with your own students.

Meeting College & Career Readiness Goals of Adult English Language Learners: Classroom Lesson Planning for Higher Level Learners (10am-3pm / 4 Hours PD)
NYSED/CUNY Master Teacher Lorraine Blakeslee just completed the NYSED/CUNY Institute in early November. Lorraine concentrates her training on intermediate to advanced level ESOL learners in our classrooms. She adapts the newest lessons and teaching strategies to accommodate this cohort of learners. Topics include NYSED/CUNY CareerKit Adaptations for ESOL learners, We Speak Study Guides, and a plethora of ESOL resources. Lorraine is prepared to share hands on learning experiences that can be implemented in any ESOL classroom.

The Impact of TABE 11/12: How to Bring this New Knowledge into the Adult Education Classroom (10am-3pm / 4 Hours PD)
NYSED/CUNY Master Teacher Randy Raux will share research he has done on the content of the TABE 11/12 and the impact on classroom teachers. Together you will explore the data and resulting trends for adult education classrooms. Randy will tie the TABE results to the TASC so that teachers may be better able to support their students as they prepare for the HSE exam. He will also talk about the new TASC and Readiness Assessment forms, and some of the great new Fast Track Math GRASP initiatives being promoted across New York State.

NYSED Case Management Workshop (10am-2pm / 3 Hours PD)
This case management training has been designed by the NYSED Office of ACCES-Adult Education Program and Policy (AEPP) for all case managers in adult education programs funded under Employment Preparation Education (EPE) State aid, Welfare Education Program (WEP), Adult Literacy Education (ALE) or WIOA Title II. Case managers will learn the ACCES-AEPP priorities and be able to share them with their students. Topic areas such as the 4 pathways to a NYS High School Equivalency Diploma, the adult education intake process, and identification of the barriers to employment will be covered. In FY2021 this will be expanded to apprenticeship opportunities. It is expected that case managers will also become very familiar with quality resources within their own community and actively support their students by referring students to these resource organizations for their own expertise.

EPE Explained - NEW! (10am-2pm / 3 Hours of PD)
This workshop is designed to assist program managers in understanding better the complex world of Employment Preparation Education (EPE) funding through NYSED. Only programs eligible for EPE funding (NYS School Districts and BOCES) should attend. Rosemary Matt, NYS Director of Accountability, will review the basic requirements under EPE and then dig further into strategies and self-monitoring concepts that will assist programs in managing day to day accrual of contact hours for students with and without a high school diploma. In addition, she will share a road map to understanding the interaction between the AEPP/NYSED office, the NYS state aid office, and your program business office. Knowing the rules well can impact the management of your EPE program in a very big way. No individual data will be shared.

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